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Short Film

SHATTERED GLASS (Des éclats de verre)


“When she was a little girl, Sandra loved playing with his father. Playing with him was to be closer to him. And then one day, because he did not accept her choice of adult woman, he no longer wanted to hear about her. A few years after, Sandra finally decides to go see him...”

SUNDANCE Channel Shorts: Grand Prize (Jury Award) / Audience Award (UK)

TORONTO International Film and Video Awards: Best Short Film (Canada)

HIGH DESERT International Film Festival: Official selection (USA)

NAOUSSA International Film Festival: Official selection (Greece)

RICHMOND International Film Festival: Official selection (USA)

Feature Film

THE VILLAGE OF SHADOWS (Le Village des Ombres)


"France’s cinéma fantastique renaissance continues with this supernatural variation on Ten Little Indians, strong on atmosphere and light on gore. After a prologue in which petrified Nazi soldiers face an unseen threat in 1944, the action jumps to the present as a group of twentysomethings take a weekend road trip to the mysterious village of Ruiflec. Three of them inexplicably vanish just outside town, and their friends search for them in the deserted village—but are soon fighting for their own lives against an implacable menace whose origins lie in the village’s ancient past..."

SARLAT Film Festival (France)

NEW YORK Scary Movies Festival / Lincoln Center (USA)

SEATTLE International Film Festival (USA)

ABERTOIR Horror Festival (Wales, UK)

Tv Series




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